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Meet Executive Chef & Owner  

Chef Rima Cooking
Excecutive Chef & Owner Chef Rima Smiling Drinking Tea

Chef Rima has resided in Nashville for over 20 years now with her two boys. Her interest in cooking started with summers spent at her grandparents back in Missouri, her hometown when she was a little girl. That love for cooking continued all throughout high school where she attended many culinary competitions that eventually led her to winning a scholarship for the culinary program at Tennessee State Tech.


Chef Rima graduated at the top of her class and quickly began her culinary career working at the Titans Stadium, Bridge stone Arena and Nashville Sounds stadium where she was sous chef under Chef Debbie Boecher. As her culinary career experience grew, others quickly saw potential in her skills and took her under their wing including head chef of M Street Entertainment Group, Chef Ray Whitlock. Whitlock trained Chef Rima in the kitchen at well-known M Street Nashville restaurants Virago, Whiskey Kitchen and Kayne Prime. As M Street Entertainment Group grew, Chef Whitlock utilized Chef Rima’s creative mind and had her assist in crafting the menus for other M Street restaurants Saint Añejo and Moto.

It was the amazing mentors Chef Rima had along the way like Chef Debbie Boecher and Chef Ray Whitlock that influenced Chef Rima’s desire to start her own business. When Chef Rima did decide to start her own business, she envisioned a catering company that caters to every and any need. That is exactly what Taste of Perfection is. What started in her own kitchen at home has now grown to be the full service catering company it is today and services not only Nashville, but nationwide.

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